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The services of iSoftCloud provide a series of smart and modern solutions on the fields of Software Application, Network Development, Web Development, Web Design and their maintenance. Read more details about the services of iSoftCloud or contact us for more information.

  • Software Development Application

    In iSoftCloud, we have the infrastructure and an experienced staff that will recommend and implement solutions for reliable software applications using the latest frameworks for languages such us java, ruby and python for:

    • Individual Users for installation and operation on Desktops and Laptops
    • Multiple Users for simultaneous operation and cooperation of many Desktops or Laptops and a Central Server (server).
  • Web Development

    The presence of your business on the internet is extremely important. In iSoftCloud we combine reliability, good prices and consistency and provide you with a series of proposals for high-quality viewing of your activities on the Internet. Web design that is friendly, quick to load and appear in the top positions of search engines (SEO Optimization).

    For the Development of websites, iSoftCloud provides you with:

    • Domain Name on the Internet.
    • Construction of static or dynamic pages or Parallax.
    • Hosting of the site.
    • Provision of statistics regarding website traffic.
    • Creating e-shop
    • Creation and support blog
    • Build Web-based applications for your business
    • Install Databases or software applications to support dynamic website (MySQL, Postgre SQL Server, etc)
    • Installable and FTP and HTTP Server Setup
    • Study, Design and Implementation of Mail Server
  • SEO / Google Analytics

    SEO / Google Analytics

    Along with complete solutions for your business website, iSoftCloud offers a series of services such as Google Analytics in order to keep track of your website, and SEO services, the service using appropriate words and actions,in order for your website to appear in the top positions of the search process in words - key questions online.

  • Mobile Applications

    The new trends in technology demand the dynamic presence of each business in mobile apps. In iSoftCloud we build applications that fully meet all requirements of mobile phones (Android, Smartphones, iPhone). Ask for suggestions, ideas and choose the application that fits your needs.

  • SMS Marketing

    SMS Marketing

    iSoftCloud provides you the abiility to communicate with everyone easily, quickly and efficiently. With the Bulk Messaging Service (SMS) you are able to keep in constant contact with your customers or voters. Through a user-friendly web platform, you can easily send out bulk messages without technical knowledge. Our prices are the lowest in the market while the SMS sending channels we use have a proven reliability of 99%. Contact us to create SMS packages according to your needs.

  • Network Development

    In iSoftCloud we cover all your needs for Computer Network Development,so that your data be handled quickly and securely.

    The Network Development includes Planning - Study - Local Network Infrastructure Installation (wireless or wired) with:

    • Study of the Area
    • Construction - Installation Network
    • Installing Network Components (Patch Panel, Routers, Switches, etc.).
    • Study the necessity for the Installation of Rack
    • Cabling Certification
    • Online communication with remote computers
    • Network Security by: - ​​Creating Users with specific roles and rights of access to files - Files - Check for any existing security gaps. - Defining Backup process
    • Studing the necessity of Installing Operating System Server (Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server, UNIX)
    • Design and implementation of centralized network security system (antivirus and firewall)
    • Design and implementation of centralized networked system of automatic backup for all P / E on the network (central server)
    • Design and Implementation of printing server (With ability to control and restrict the print per job)
    • Installing Web File Distribution System
    • Maintenance and Repair Local Network with or without Maintenance Contract which includes: Parts Control (Ethernet Cards, Hubs, Patch Panel, etc.) Support Network operating systems.
    • Database Installation or application software for network support (MySQL, Postgre SQL Server, etc.).
  • UX Optimization for Apps & the Web

    In iSoftCloud we design UX (user experience) applications that make the presentation easy and the design very user-friendly. The websites of iSoftCloud contain all the features that make a website or an application very easy & convenient to use and show a better and easier way to present your services and products.

  • Business promotion ideas for professionals

    In iSoftCloud we have a series of recommendations for professionals who stand out for their originality and effectiveness. For example, the application implemented on any screen by adding a glass touch, where it can "plays" whatever you choose to promote your services or products.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    In iSoftCloud we offer support contracts for Software solutions, local networks and websites, which include:

    • Hardware and Software Inventory.
    • Periodic Maintenance of equipment and software with scheduled visits.
    • Telephone Support and Remote Management.

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